River Garden

Riverside Weddings at Ballyteige Lodge

A Unique Wedding Experience Alongside the River Ow

Ballyteige Lodge, situated at Ballyteige Bridge (close to the village of Aughrim), offers a beautiful haven amongst the rolling Wicklow hills. The River Garden, located at the meeting point of three interlocking valleys along the River Ow, provides a tranquil and romantic setting for your riverside wedding ceremony.

Tranquility by the River Ow

A Natural and Serene Setting

The River Garden is nestled along the banks of the River Ow, offering a serene and natural ambiance. Surrounded by lush greenery and the gentle sounds of flowing water, this unique location provides a peaceful and picturesque backdrop for your ceremony, reception or private event. Ballyteige Lodge's position at the meeting point of three interlocking valleys adds to the charm and beauty of the River Garden. The natural contours of the land, the mature trees, and the sparkling River Ow create a harmonious setting that resonates with love and celebration.

A Picturesque Venue for Every Moment

Capture Memories by the
River Ow

The River Garden is not just a venue; it's a scenic setting that adds beauty and elegance to every moment of your wedding or private event. From the exchange of vows by the riverbank to a reception under the open sky, the River Garden offers endless possibilities to make your wedding or event a visual and sensory feast.

Capture stunning photographs by the River Ow, host a cocktail reception on the lush lawns, or dance the night away with the river as your backdrop. The River Garden provides a unique and unforgettable experience.

Exceptional Services and Amenities

Personalised Planning and Catering

At Ballyteige Lodge, we're committed to making your celebration a seamless and memorable experience. Our dedicated team of wedding and event planners will work closely with you to ensure that every detail is tailored to your preferences.

From floral arrangements to lighting, entertainment to catering, we provide exceptional services that reflect your style and taste. Enjoy a culinary celebration in our newly restored stable venue, with customised menus crafted from fresh organic ingredients. Our attentive staff ensure that your guests are well taken care of, adding to the joy of your wedding or event.

Celebrate Your Love at the Riverside Wedding Garden

Your dream Wedding Wicklow awaits at the Riverside Wedding Garden at Ballyteige Lodge. Contact us to learn more about our Riverside Wedding Garden packages, explore our menu options, or schedule a tour of our property. Let us help you create a wedding that reflects your love, your dreams, and your unique personality. Experience the charm, elegance, and natural beauty of Co. Wicklow as you celebrate your love by the River Ow.

Your unforgettable journey begins here!