Guided tour of the Gardens & Grounds​

Gardens Tour

Guided one hour tour of the Gardens & Grounds

Throughout the winter season, enjoy a guided tour of the gardens and grounds led by a renowned botanical artist and gardener.

What to Explore:

20 acres of historic gardens and grounds established from 1890 to 1900, featuring:

  • Expansive herbaceous flower borders brimming with seasonal blooms.
  • A serene Japanese water garden, offering a tranquil retreat.
  • An insightful Civil War history of the house and gardens, rich with tales of the past.
  • A spectacular waterfall and water features, creating a dynamic landscape.
  • Mature deciduous woodland, providing a haven for local wildlife.
  • A unique Temperate Rainforest area, showcasing biodiversity.

Embrace the beauty and legacy of these well-preserved surroundings, each step narrated by an expert with deep knowledge and passion for botanical wonders.
By appointment only at:

€15 per person is required for admission, which includes tea/coffee and homemade cakes.